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Great things come in small packages, like boobies! However you want to say it, small breast are sexy too. Our March fashion tip is for the small breasted woman, you go girl! Stop wishing they were bigger and embrace your nice perky goody goody gum drops, LOL.

My younger, large breasted cousin once asked me if I needed some Noxzema for my bumps when referring to my breast size, horrible huh? But I got the last laugh because I can wear any thing I want! I can go braless, I can wear backless, I can wear a plunging neckline and when I want cleavage I can put on a pushup bra and inserts.

Here are a few tips to maximize your small bust size:

• The color of your outer garments can give the fancy of a fuller or curvier bust line.
• Lighter colors at the bust line will give the appearance of a fuller rack!
• Horizontal stripes, over a small bossom can help create the illusion of a fuller bust line.
• A form fitted wrap dress or blouse paired with the amazing push-up bra can create a very daring bosom.

Your best friends: graphic T-shirts, tops with beading and embellishments, push up bras, tight fitted shirts, v-necks.

Your enemy: baggy shirts and dresses, the wrong size bra

Nekia’s Styling Secret: You can create an amazing defined bust line by using makeup. Yes, make-up for your boobs. You don’t have to buy anything new; you probably already have what you need in your make-up kit. Simply apply bronzer or a blush that is one shade darker than your skin tone between your breasts; in the center of your cleavage heart. Bronzer/ blush will shadow your cleavage heart creating the illusion of more cleavage. You can even top off your perky hearts with a little shimmer or glitter. This will serve as a highlighter around the top of your cleavage creating a fuller appearance. But do not go over board, be subtle! Love yourself and rock your small breast! I was told by my grandmother, “anything over a mouth full is a waist anyway,” and Granny knows best!

Ja’ire International Couture is now carried in La Maison De Fashion stylehouse boutique on Melrose Blvd. in Los Angeles


What you wear under your clothes is just as important or more important as the clothes you wear.  We all have flaws and our undergarments can either be our fairy godmother camouflaging our flaws, making us look flawless and polished or like a horrible “best” friend revealing all our flaws and secrets behind our back, making us look just plain tacky.

Lumps and bulges through your clothes make you appear larger than you are as do lines from bra straps and panties scream look at me to areas that we might not want to draw attention to.  Today’s Camou-Fashioning Tip is to take an honest look at your body, identify your strengths and your, “I am not quite there yet areas” (lumps and bumps).  Your underwear should maximize your assets and minimize your problem areas.  Undergarments that are too tight make you look like you are wearing your kid sister’s clothes and can even be unhealthy, leaving unwanted marks and scars (i.e. unwanted dark bra lines) on your body and sometimes causing more serious health issues.


  • For all women, underwire creates a great lift and shaping technique.  But if you are more blessed in this area you want to make sure that the bra is well padded around the wires so that it is comfortable and it won’t cause bruising. For smaller breasted women push up and padded bras can enhance your figure greatly.
  • For larger breasted women minimizing bras are great and bras with side support panels will help prevent underarm bulge, cleavage should come from center front not the sides. Please go to a department store or lingerie store and get properly fitted. I cannot over emphasize the importance of wearing the right bra size.  Over 50 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size!  Wearing the right bra size can make all the difference in you looking fabulous or sloppy.

Shape Wear

Embrace Shape Wear, shape wear is not just for larger women, it is the secret of fabulously dressed divas!!!

Shape Wear was designed to camou-fashion our flaws and accentuate our assets!  They help your posture, making you appear taller and leaner.  Corseted shape wear camou-fashions our waist, helping to create an hour-glass figure. They minimize our hips and make our breasts stand at attention. They make us feel sexy and make others pay attention.  We have come a long way in shape wear, do your research! Every woman does not have the same flaws so every woman does not need to wear the same shape wear!   If you love your hips and they are not one of your problem areas, you might only want to wear shape wear that focuses on your stomach or another problem area.  Look at your body and find your lump and bumps and pick shape wear to smooth out those areas.


No panty lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And No panties that cut you off or that are too small. I understand when it’s time to do laundry and we have that one pair of granny panties or that one pair that we’ve had for way to long left in the drawer but there is no excuse. Come on, ladies it’s 2012! Underwear is to accentuate your assets and minimize your flaws. You should always feel sexy in your own underwear.

 A special night out in Ja’ire International Couture
Actress Chrystee Pharris in our Hand Painted Corset (left) with Ted Lange (right)


Accessories, sometimes are the final piece that tie your outfit together. But, if you are like me, the accessory(s) can be the focal point of the entire outfit. Whatever the case may be, accessories can make, or break your outfit. There are many accessory trends for this fall, but it was the edgy jewelry trend that made the list. These tough yet glamorous pieces are sure to add an edge to any outfit. The edgy jewelry trend consists of three elements: spikes, studs, and skulls.
Here are a few tips in achieving the edgy trend:
1. Less is more: Over accessorizing can create a more costume-y effect, to avoid this, try pairing an edgy piece a more delicate piece. (i.e. spiked earrings with a delicate necklace, or vice versa).
2. Make a statement: Allow the edgy piece to be focal point. Trying pairing an edgy piece, with simpler articles of clothing, (i.e. A little black dress with a studded clutch).
3. Opposites attract: Want to be more daring in your clothing selections? Then, try pairing an edgy piece with more delicate, feminine pieces. (i.e. floral dress or a lace top with a pair of killer spiked pumps). With this, you will be sure stand out among your group of friends. So go girl be daring!

These Boots are made for Walking!

What comes in different styles and colors, and keeps you warm all at that same time? Boots! Ladies, now that winter is fast approaching we need to get prepared, and what screams “I am ready for winter,” better than a pair of boots? Boots are the perfect winter essential, and can be paired with virtually anything. There are three styles of boots that are a definite must for your wardrobe this fall and winter season. These styles are the ankle bootie, the riding boot, and the knee high boot.
Let’s start with the ankle boot. This fall/ winter season is all about the chunky ankle boot, which features a shorter, chunkier heel. Not only making it more comfortable to wear, but for my (“eh hem…shorter fashonistas”) this boot adds just the right amount of height. The great thing about this particular style, is that it can be paired casually with jeans, or for a dressier look, pair this boot up with your favorite fall/winter dress or skirt.
The second style of boot (and my favorite) is the “equestrian boot”, better known as the riding boot. I absolutely love riding boots! They are perfect for winter, and have been for the past few fall/winter seasons. You can never go wrong with riding boots; they come in a variety of colors, and styles (some with buckles, studs, and even suede). Pair them with an oversized sweater and riding pants for a relaxed look that will keep you warm during the cold winter days. Or with jeans and a blazer for a more polished, yet chic look.

Lastly, the knee-high boot, these boots are alluring and definitely an attention grabber. Not only are these boots incredibly sexy, but they also create a more slimming effect, and can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe! There are many different styles of knee high boots for this fall, but it was the black suede knee-high boot that won the battle. This timeless yet classic piece returns season after season. It can be paired with a pencil skirt and a blouse for the office, or with a leather skater skirt (another favorite fall trend) for a fun night out with the ladies. Whatever they case maybe the knee-high boot adds sophistication and style to any look.
Whether you’re looking for something comfortable with just that right amount of heel height or you want to add a touch of sexiness to that drab work attire. Maybe you just want the perfect pair of riding boots to go with that new blazer. Whatever the case maybe you’ll find it in one of the boot trends this season!

Ja’ire International Couture Regal & Cotton Couture Infinity Scarves rocked the gifting suite at the NAACP Theater Awards

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